Automatic water level regulator comprising a head box, five level sensors and a solenoid valve.
Suitable for all type of pools: skimmer, overflow or transhipment.


 Plug & play system for automatic operation without programming
 Check valve failure detector to prevent involuntary pool emptying
 Rain detector that allows system to be used during winter period
 Compact “five sensors” kit for skimmer swimming pools
→ Circulation pump protector to prevent dry work
 Stainless steel ASI316 level sensors
 LED lights status indicator
 On-off side switch


Power Supply: 220/240Vac 50/60Hz
Level Sensors: 5 units ASI316
Solenoid Valve: 3/4” ; 1” ; 11/2” ; 2’
Pressure: 1 – 10 Bar
Debit: 5 – 35 m3/h
Room Temperature: testado a 50°C
Warranty: 2 years

Water Level Management

5 Sensors

Electro Valve

plug & play

Winter Mode



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