Digital pH measuring and regulating system, for private, public and commercial pools.


 Simple and intuitive programming menu (password protected)
 ENCODER system with easy friendly software interface
 Electronic timeout alarm to avoid pH overdosing
 Suction reed with pH level probe (optional)
 Auto calibration with 2 buffers or DPD
 Very broad measuring range (0-13.8)
→ Highly accurate pH scale ±0.1
 Progressive pH injection
 Screwless clamp saddles
 Long life pH electrode  
 Buffers included


Power Supply: 220/240Vac 50/60Hz
Injection Pump: peristaltic
Injection Flow: 0 - 4.5 l/h
Injection Pressure: 1Bar
Water Temperature Range: de 12ºC to 40°C
Room Temperature: tested at 50°C
Buffers: 4 and 7
Warranty: 2 years

pH Scale

pH Precision



EL Probe



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